Szczyrk – Orle Gniazdo,

23 – 26 October 2018

The Institute of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery of the Silesian University of Technology with participation of RAFAKO SA, Sumitomo SHI FW Energia Polska, and the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) are honoured to invite you to:
Beskidy Mountain, 23 – 26 October 2018

This cyclical Conference, organised for 54 years in 4-year cycle, is considered by specialists one of the most important boiler conferences worldwide. The standard period of four years has passed since the last, 12th ICBT Poland ’2014 and during that time the issues related to the need to implement new device design solutions, inventions, materials and results of experimental studies have accrued. Hence, the time has come to assemble again to discuss the issues, evaluate and implement current accomplishments of science and technology as well as boiler materials and auxiliary devices, exchange operational experiences and choose the optimal directions for new construction and modernisation projects. The coming into force of the IED together with the BAT conclusions is the source of particular challenges.

The geographic, economic and logistic situation of our country is the major reason for use of fossil fuels – bituminous coal and lignite – for power and heat generation. According to various sources, global coal resources will suffice for 80 – 100 more years while forecasts for crude oil and natural gas are much worse. Coal use, however, is not easy nowadays in the realities of the global power sector given the necessity of limiting the gaseous and dust emissions, the greenhouse effect and natural environment protection in general. Thus, we must burn those fuels with maximum efficiency at minimum emissions of arduous substances into the environment. This brings increasingly difficult technical and logistic challenges.

Having no rivers with high flow rates and big watercourse gradients, low potential of wind and solar power as well as minor natural gas resources, we are forced, for the time being, to employ coal combustion. Nuclear power is the sole reasonable alternative, but it appears to be a distant future.

Polish conventional coal-based power generation is currently among the most modern in the world. Commissioning for operation of large coal units with the capacity of 1×1000 MW, 2×900 MW, 1×910 MW, the largest in Europe lignite-fired power plant and units with fluidised bed boilers place Polish power sectors among the leaders of the coal boiler users.

Older units of 200 MW class will fulfil an important role in our power system for at least 10-20 years. Nevertheless, their modernisation and adjustment to the power market challenges and cooperation with the RES is necessary. This results in numerous issues worth discussing at the Conference forum.

During the early 2019, the historic, 70th anniversary of establishment of the Boilers Factory in Racibórz, currently the modern RAFAKO S.A. factory will take place. In 2009, during the 60th anniversary of RAFAKO, by the decision of the Boiler Conference Board, the factory was awarded the Honorary Title of the Castellum Energeticae Poloniae.

During the subsequent historical meetings we are sorry to find the old generation of power sector professionals encompassing scientists, designers and builders of Power Plants Kozienice, Jaworzno III, Rybnik, Łaziska, Dolna Odra, Bełchatów, Turów, Opole and many others depart for the well-deserved rest. Miles Energeticae depart, this is the order of life and the Fraternity of power sector professionals remembers them with gratitude and respect. We are glad to see the new generation of well-educated specialists – graduates of Polish schools of technology to take over the wheel.

We have gained our major share in scientific and technological but also moral formation of young engineers as it is our responsibility to pass the knowledge and traditions to the coming generations. This way, we create better future, implement the latest technologies to develop of the native Polish power sector to become an industry thriving in the united Europe.

For the record we inform you that considering the deep integration of the Fraternity of power sector professionals, we have included the Scientific-Technical Conference on “Modernisation of Stoker-Fired Boilers” organised in the biannual cycle into the ICBT Poland cycle. The last conference on stoker-fired boilers took place in Szczyrk in October 2017 assembling 275 participants who formed the auditorium for 44 scientific-technical presentations.

The International Conference on Boiler Technology traditionally assembles a wide group of specialists from many companies and countries. The last, 12th ICBT Poland ‘2014 was attended by 538 participants representing 156 entities. In total 102 scientific-technical papers and presentations were delivered. The papers with the highest scientific and technical values were published in the bulletins such as the Energy (Elsevier) or Chemical and Process Engineering (De Gruyter). Aiming to increase the rank of the 13th ICBT Poland ‘2018, the same procedure is planned to be applied and will include publication of the best papers in the Energy and E3S Web of Conferences. All the papers proposed for the Conference will be subject to peer review.

Within the frameworks of the Conference, the thematic exhibition and 3 Sessions of Scientific-Technical Information will be organised for research, production and operational entities to present their firms and technical accomplishments.

Conference materials, for each participant, will be delivered in full size and colour on electronic media while the compendium will be published in the book format. Both versions of publication provide opportunity to include advertising materials delivered by companies.